Svendsen's Boat Yard

Yard Rate Schedule
Effective April 7, 2014

Travelift Rates
Haul, Setoff and Launch
(includes high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
Offload and/or Onload
(includes setoff, high-pressure wash & environmental surcharge)
Offload and Direct Launch $10.00/foot
Haul, Hang in Slings and Launch
(includes bottom wash & environmental surcharge)
Reposition of Boat
Travelift use outside of above usage (1/2 hour min. charge)
Haul rate increased by $8.00/foot if ALL bottom paint is not purchased here.
Materials stocked by our chandlery are discounted.
Yard Rates
Yard Labor (1/4 hour minimum)
Electrical and Mechanical work
Svendsen's Metal Works
Metal Polishing
Bottom painting prep work
Hull wax/polish
Paint bottom (one coat): Rolled $11.00/foot
Paint bottom (one coat): Sprayed $15.00/foot
Each additional coat of bottom paint after the first coat $8.00/foot
Nissan and Tohatsu Outboard Motor Repair
Forklift use (1/2 hour min. charge)
These rates do not include materials or bottom paint.
Mast Hoist Rates
Unstep or step mast $113.00 minimum each way
(1/2 hour, 2 men)
or $113.00 per man hour
Crane use outside of above usage (1 hour min. charge)$113.00/hour
Rates for Lay Days
Under 35'
Laydays go to $80.00/day after ten consecutive days
35' and over
Laydays double to $100.00/day after ten consecutive days
Mast dock
No sanding/painting of mast(s) while stored at the mast dock
$12.50/day per mast
No laydays when work is being performed by the yard. Day of haul out is not charged as a layday.
Elevator Rates
Haul, Launch $12.00/foot
Environmental surcharge $3.00/foot
Wash bottom $2.00/foot
Lay days (charged unless yard does entire job): $112.50/day minimum $2.50/foot/day
Long Term Storage Rates (in our separate storage yard)
Limited availability ... contact us:
Up to 40'
40' and up
Boats on Trailers (up to 24')
Boats on trailers (over 24')
Absolutely no work is allowed on boats in long term storage.


  • All bills are payable in full before boat is launched.
  • We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and personal checks.
  • No outside labor is allowed without PRIOR approval of Svendsen's Boat Works. Please consult with the yard office for subcontractor requirements.
  • 24 hour launch notice is required. Please arrange your launch in the customer service office, or in the store on weekends.
  • We cannot be liable for any damages to the vessel due to its inability to withstand a normal haul and launch as a result of its age, construction or design.